CryptoMedia ensures a great deal of business online.

CryptoMedia transforms and organizes company data into rich visual images so you can focus on things that really matter in your life. Stay informed about spot trends in real time, and propel your business forward. Further.

CryptoMedia Inc

CryptoMedia Inc


One of the most effective techniques to keep in touch with current customers is CryptoMedia - the promotional or informative email that regularly reaches groups of people directly interested in what you are promoting in the online area. Cryptomedia has the essential role of always providing relevant information to the targeted niche, regardless of the level of exposure of the company to the online environment. In the absence of such a technique, old customers, whether satisfied or not with the services they receive, will forget with whom they have contacted and will look for other companies to meet their needs. Avoid this scenario, appealing to the safest and easiest way to communicate with them!

  • Seo.
  • Promotion.
  • Advertisement
  • Create Web Site.


CryptoMedia helps all entrepreneurs with an efficient, flexible newsletter system that guarantees that emails will get where they are needed. We can do this because we have created a software that allows you to manage all emails easily. With this software, and through our partnerships, we guarantee that every message will go exactly where it is needed directly to the clients in the Inbox!

  • A CryptoMedia system involves very large investments, especially if it is a quality one that guarantees the delivery of emails in proportions of up to 100%. No matter how demanding your requirements are, we believe we will fully meet your requirements!
  • The system allows advanced management of users (subscribers), and they can be organized into different interest groups. CryptoMedia can be sent in two formats: with articles (embedded in a custom design), or pure HTML format, giving you the ability to format your texts with a word-like editor.
  • The CryptoMedia application provides reports on the number of emails sent and the number of subscribers who have read the newsletter. On the right side you can also see some screenshots of our application.
Cryptomedia Inc


CryptoMedia provides a wide range of services based solely on the advancement and improvement of purely dedicated business allotted

CryptoMedia Inc


CryptoMedia offers 100% pure content based SEO services and visible search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and so on

CryptoMedia Inc

Email Marketing

CryptoMedia offers email marketing service based on carefully selected databases and sorted by business type - for example: restaurant, car, clothes etc.

CryptoMedia Inc

Suport Tehnic SAP

Vast overview of different IT technologies from the hardware stack to the software stack and different organizational structures in large multinational companies with focus on Databases, Operating systems, and SAP applications and related technologies.

CryptoMedia Inc


CryptoMedia offers a website creation service to the highest standards and with a 100% pure design and to the liking of customers, on various popular platforms.

CryptoMedia works with platforms like: Online Store, HTML5, PHP, APP, Android applications, etc.

Our business analysis platform

We provide explicit details for each platform we work on.


FaceBook promotion consists in analyzing your business and choosing the best target solutions for your target audience.


AdWords analysis consists of creating instances and setting up a promotional instance based on the keywords specific to your business.


Website creation on different platforms: WordPress, Magazine Online, Prestashop, Magento, HTML5, PHP.


Web links consist of a procedure to put your business into a back link system that helps SEO to display more information about your business.


SEO - search engine optimization consists of optimizing the search engine website like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc., based on the keywords implemented and identified on the website.


CryptoMedia provides studio for logos, logos and video to quality standards.


CryptoMedia has a wide choice of programmers who are available to implement your project in different programming languages: PHP, C ++, HTML, Android applications.


CryptoMedia provides setup services for the following services: Hosting Installation, Dedicated Server, VPS, Domains.